Here we will look at some of the many mysteries of the history of America, from the different ideas surrounding the discoveries of the Americas, through to the dwarves and giants said to call America home.

The Discovery of the Americas

It has long been believed that different cultures and peoples had ‘discovered’ and ‘settled’ in the Americas over the course of its vast history. Research indicates that the native Indians migrated and settled the Americas thousands of years ago via the Asian land bridge. Alternatively, that the Solutreans, those from Europe, were one of the first to populate the land coming via sea with their stone tools and then they intermixed with the Indian indigenous populations. There have also been documentaries about indigenous Australians, ‘black peoples’ reaching the Americas and living in south America finally fading out with a remnant descendant population living in Tierra del Fuego. So, we have a lot of debate about who populated the Americas and how.

In more recent history there has also been debate as to who the first Europeans explorers were to discover America. Of course, everyone knows that the Vikings discovered the Americas during their raiding adventures prior to other European explorers including Columbus. Their discoveries of Vinland and evidence at L’Anse aux Meadows proves that the Vikings were in the Americas before other explorers. Additionally, there is the story of Prince Madog and his welsh expeditions. The welsh were said to have reached the Americas too and mixed with the Mandan tribes influencing their language and culture. Although the Prince Madog theory is debated.

Then you have more modern European settlement after the discoveries by Columbus, the French and the British. The mysterious Roanoke colony comes to mind as one of the most intriguing mysteries of all time. A group of English settlers set up their new village, John White returns to England to gather supplies and when the supply ship returns, the whole colony have disappeared without a trace. What happened to the people of that colony? Did they all die? Did they intermix with the native tribes? Did they set sail back home? Where they all murdered? Then there is the settlement of Jamestown, which is also another big settlement that delivers many clues to early European exploration in America.

So, what do we make of all these theories, ideas and mysteries? We are always still researching! 

The little people and ancient giants

Stories of little people and dwarves are told and retold across America. Are they real stories? Did ancient lands and cultures of little people really exist? What about the Pedro mountain mummy? A mummy discovered in the Pedro mountains six and a half inches tall who was said to be an infant who died. It spurred many stories of a mysterious little people in the area. Many other similar stories and discoveries also exist. In contrast you also have the giants of America. What happened to those apparent giants who once called the America’s their home? Many documentaries,news stories, and articles talk of ancient giants who roamed the earth many years ago. They had amazing burial mounds located in various places in America including Illinois, Missouri and Ohio. In fact, giants were said to populate many places on earth not just America.

Both dwarves, little people and giants in the Americas are both intriguing and mysterious and fantastic to research. More research will soon follow! 

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