The latest blog post about Ancient Egypt has some background context to it. You see, my name is Cassie Madden and I have a fascination with archaeology and history. When I was a teenager at high school, I was studying ancient Persia, Tutankhamun and Hatshepsut. I loved ancient Egypt, and was seriously considering becoming an Egyptologist, but instead opted to do a generalist archaeology degree at university. In my first year of studying my archaeology degree I did a subject on ancient Egypt and ancient Iraq and found I did rather badly in that subject! I almost failed my assignment on the status of ancient Egyptian women. So, there went my chances of ever becoming an Egyptologist!!!!!! However, I still had a love for ancient Egypt and middle eastern history and would read about it and study it myself at home alongside my other history interests. I had ancient Egyptian statues and jewellery. I still do. 

Anyway, years went by and I graduated with a degree in archaeology and then it was time to decide if I should do honours or do something else. So, what did I do? I went to study to become a librarian instead as fate would have it! Then more recently I morphed into becoming a maritime and port professional instead. But my interest in history has always remained as my side hobby. 

Years went by and then more recently when I was looking up the history of ancient Egypt once more, I came across images of Tutankhamun and compared them to images of myself and low and behold I saw a small resemblance! Well I am positive a lot of people like to think they resemble ancient Egyptian royalty and well a lot of people do resemble them!

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Then I thought ok, what about other pharaohs and royal family members from ancient Egypt do I look like them too? Do I look like their reconstructions? One day I had some spare time up my sleeve and found the following similarities with Cleo, Tiye and Rameses. 

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Admittedly I do have links to Egypt, but I was generally surprised when I found these images and my resemblance to them that it inspired me to go and reinvigorate my research in ancient Egyptian history and do some further study in it. Not to become a fully fledged Egyptologist though, but just as my hobby. I began reading many more books on the history of Egypt again and even the wider history of the middle east in general. When I was a teen I used to read up on the Arab Israeli conflict and found it fascinating. Then when I was in my twenties I wanted to live in Jordan and the UAE but never did. And I have always wanted to be buried in a sarcophagus too! I still want to be buried that way when I die. 

Therefore, I will continue to research the vast and fascinating topics about ancient Egypt for many years to come and turn some of it into blog posts for this website! I am currently researching the Moses exodus and will be publishing my ideas in a book in 2022. 

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