Do the Almas, yeti or Big Foot Exist?

Many cultures have their own version of big foot. The yeti, Almas, Yowie etc. etc.  They are all slightly different, but all are described as wild men who live in the forests, caves and remote regions. Do these really exist or are they people’s vivid imagination? Many scholars think they are made up. As an example, someone sees a big creature in the night and think it’s a big foot or equivalent. 

Watching National Geographic’s is it real? Russian bigfoot is an interesting example of all the possibilities! Especially given an eyewitness account is very unreliable! The Almas, particularly prevalent in Mongolia and the Caucus region is said to exist because people have seen it. But because someone has said to have seen it, does not prove it exists. Maybe if everyone in the whole world had seen it, then maybe, just maybe its proof! 

The Almas, is an ape like creature five to six feet tall who walks upright with big brow ridges! He or she eats a varied diet of raw meat, veggies, has a distinctive odour and is very hairy. Most of the accounts of wild man or ape men, report back different information about the creatures height and hair. But they are all said to be remnants of our ancestors, like Neandertal, home erectus, and gigantopithecus.–

SO, what if the Neandertals or other more ancient hominids morphed into the modern-day wild man? Well given that we, modern humans, have Neanderthal DNA who knows? It is said that Neandertals interbred with humans thousands of years ago and we show remnants of it in our DNA. Could the Neanderthal have not only intermixed with homo sapiens, but also have morphed into another species of wild man who roam our forests today? Wishful thinkers believe yes! Others think it is a load of nonsense. Most sightings of big creatures come with some logical, scientific explanation these days. When a mysterious Wildman, yeti, almas etc. is sighted, it usually turns out to be a big animal, a bear, or a lion. OR could it be a wild person who is developmentally delayed and lives in the forests being raised by animals? Stories of feral children are told throughout history too! Evidence shows that when a supposed wild man dies it turns out they are indeed a modern human who had some medical condition causing them to walk on all fours, go crazy like an ape or live in the wilds. What about the weird odour? Well granted, if anyone doesn’t wash and lives in the bush they might have a smell and also develop other ways to communicate such as shrieks, yelling and so forth. 

We have many stories and little factual evidence that big foot really exists. After watching many documentaries, reading up many eyewitness accounts and stories we can see that people say they have see an Almas in their travels and can describe him, but that does not give enough evidence that they really existed. In fact even when they find evidence of their foot prints it could all be made up. It is very hard to prove that the Almas exist and photos are not existing. Even with big foot, it could easily be someone dressed as big foot, or a bear or wild animal. It is easy to see how people could mistake a big animal for a wild man! Therefore, this article is of the opinion that Almas does not exist as there is not enough scientific evidence to support the claim.

What do you think? Do the Almas exist? Does big foot exist in the Americas? 

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