Children’s Adventure Books

Oceans of the Taryoi (Series)

Book One

Lea and Xerxes go camping with their parents in the Australian bush one weekend and find a tunnel that leads them to a mysterious place full of big fish and strange islands! They get stuck in their mysterious unknown place with no way back home!

50 years earlier a boy named Dave, their same age, disappeared without a trace while camping. Did he get stuck like them all those years ago? Could the kids find him while they try to get back home? As the kids work their way through several clues across islands, fight for survival up against bad weather, they learn how to survive. Time will tell if the kids are able to return home and if they find Dave.

Book Two

Xerk and Lea return to Taryoi with their parents to uncover even more mysteries. They have to find Dave! They have to discover more about Taryoi! Like why they got trapped there? And what and where on earth is Taryoi? 

Many questions plague the children as they continue their adventures! You can purchase the complete kids books on Amazon (Book 1) and (Book 2).

History Books

Maritime History

Read the history of maritime and ports of Australia today.

Adult Adventure Mystery Books

Lena’s Secrets

Lena is given a photo by her grandmother that holds a strange mystery. In the photo is a man whom her grandmother does not know. She asks Lena to uncover his identity. So, she begins her investigations that take her to England and Norway where she uncovers not only his identity but his ties to her own families heritage. A great intriguing mystery novel that takes readers back to 1800’s Europe.

First Nine Chapters

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The Sea of the Adventurers

Cottony Randstand and her brother receive a box full of mysteries from their dead uncle Frank. The mysteries include two books about a place called Seallinwold and a map. Intrigued about the box and its contents they go off on their adventure to uncover the mystery. That mystery leads them across oceans and worlds. 

First Chapter

Young Adult Mystery Books

Ivie and her English teacher – Ivie’s Egypt Adventures.

Ivie Stivellton is a typical 16 year old who goes to school and works at Coles. But she is going through a young girls crisis and wants to explore the meaning of life! Then one day, her old biddy English teacher Mrs. Davis-Bell-Green gives her a strange book to read and invites her to go to Egypt with her on a holiday. That’s when Ivies’ life changes in ways never imagined!