Archaeological Adventure Books to Read for 2020

Every year on Archaeological mysteries and books I go and research the latest archaeological adventure books published.  Some of my favorite writers include Andy McDermott, Elizabeth Peters (Barbara Mertz), Paul Sussman, Clive Cussler, and Dan Brown. I personally read a large array of archaeological adventure mystery books, and indeed that is one of the genre’s I write in too! I have included some interesting books to read for 2020 below. All these books are available for purchase on many websites and stores. You can also check out these books on Amazon, where they have a large selection of great books to read, some are even included are part of Amazon prime reading. Some great books are still to be released this year and will be discussed in other posts. 

The Last Odyssey 

Author: James Rollins 

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This book sounds like an amazing read full of adventure and mystery. The plot takes the reader through the history of Troy and its many legends. A medieval ship is found in Greenland containing a collection of important artefacts, including a moving map that when activated traces the steps of the Odysseus famous ship and leads to the gates of hell. Sigma Force, more familiar for those fans of James Rollins, go on an adventure to trace the journey and to find the gates of hell and to save the world.

Wrath of Poseidon

Author: Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell 


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The next Sam and Remi Fargo adventure to read by Clive Cussler… A final chance for them to find the riches of the Persian King Croesus 546 B.C. Ten years earlier they had gone in search of the riches and ran afoul with a criminal drug gang, and put one of them in prison. Now he is released and wants to find the hoard and kill them. So, they go back to Greece in search for the treasure!


Author: Mary Anna Evans 


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Another Faye Longchamp adventure… It sounds like a great mystery with many twists. Firstly, there is the suspicious drowning of her friend Captain Edward Eubank who mentioned he found a storied shipwreck. Meanwhile Faye’s daughter is being romanced by a suspicious man. All this is happening after the community are dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane. Faye has many answers to find.

The Caiaphas Code

Author: Urcelia Teixeira

The next in the Alex Hunt Adventure Thriller series…set in Jerusalem. A biblical mystery. Two students are assaulted where one is murdered, and it is linked to the discovery of an ancient religious artifact dating to 36 AD. Alex and Sam take us on an adventure to find answers and solve mysteries. 

Riddle of the Diamond Dove (The Arkana Mysteries)

Author: by N.S. Wikarski


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The next in the Cassie Forsythe Arkana series where they hunt for buried relics in Africa… A great adventure between the forces of the Arkana and the Nephilim. As they are off exploring for clues, they face many dangers and only have one clue, a riddle caved onto a bird sculpture. The book has many twists, turns and is full of adventure.

There are many great books to choose from. Happy reading for 2020! 

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